Epic Games has done evil: Prince Harry called to ban Fortnite, alerting parents

The video game critics club now has one more member. Prince Henry (Harry) Charles Albert David, Duke

Sussex spoke negatively about Fortnite, calling the game harmful to children.

What is known

According to the Daily Express, the prince visitedYouth Christian Association and during the visit he called on parents to protect their children from “irresponsible” games. According to the Duke of Sussex, Fortnite should be banned because it causes computer addiction among the younger generation.

“This game [Fortnite] should not be allowed.Why is it needed? It is designed to be addictive and will keep you glued to your computer for as long as possible. It’s so irresponsible,” Prince Harry said.

It is possible that a negative attitude towards the game is alsoassociated with Divorce-Online statistics. Last September, the service calculated that Fortnite was mentioned in 200 of 4,665 divorce cases in 2018.

The Prince also spoke out about social media.which are “more addictive than drugs and alcohol.” The Duke urged parents to ensure that their children do not stay at home forever and are exposed to the world beyond the Internet.