Epic Games Launches Battle Breakers - Tactical RPG for Android, iOS and PC in 90s Cartoon Style

Epic Games decided to go beyond Fortnite and released a new free game for smartphones and computers.

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Battle Breakers - development of the internal team of Epic Games. Since 2017, the project was launched in some countries, and now there has been a full release on three platforms - PC, Android and iOS.

In the story, the kingdom was attacked by spacemonsters and imprisoned heroes in techno-magical crystals. Now the player has to rake this mess and free the soldiers from captivity. The main goal is to assemble your own army of heroes and regain the planet. Judging by the trailer, the designer of Battle Breakers was inspired by 90s cartoons.

Gameplay - collectible role-playing game whereinstead of cards, players collect heroes. Such an analogue of Pokemon, only without cute animals. Each hero has his own skills and special attacks, so you will have to carefully assemble a team. The developers promise a hundred heroes, more than 1000 dungeons in different regions and boss fights. Players will be entertained with temporary events.

The game also has elements of strategy. Gamers will be able to create buildings that bring additional resources, such as crystals and money.

Battle Breakers is freebecause without in-game purchases could not have done. The player will be able to spend money on crystals, tickets for summoning characters, lootboxes and a combat pass, which will cost $ 5.

You can play Battle Breakers on personalcomputers through the Epic Games Store, as well as on devices running iOS and Android. In addition, the game uses one account and saves progress between platforms. It is noteworthy that Epic Games continues to avoid Google Play and users of smartphones with a "green robot" will have to download the game from the official website of the developers.

Download Battle Breakers:

  • On iOS through the App Store
  • On PC via Epic Games Store
  • On Android through the official website

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