Epic Games has launched the second chapter of Fortnite: a new island with a reward system and more fun

The tenth season of Fortnite ended in disaster for the world of the game, which was sucked into a black hole. So Epic Games

hinted at the start of the second chapter, and now a new season has been officially announced.

What is known

The leaks turned out to be true and will appear in Fortnitenew map with 13 districts. Motor boats will be brought into the game, and so that they don’t stand idle in vain, more rivers have appeared on the map. The ponds are also useful for swimming and fishing. Yes, players will now swim in water instead of just moving slower.

A bazooka was brought from the arsenal of weapons to Fortnite,which fires healing projectiles. In addition, the characters have now learned to pick up wounded allies in order to drag the poor fellows to safety. In the new season, weapons will be improved at the workbench, and they decided to simply change the progression system. According to the developers, players can expect “less grinding and more fun.

The Battle Pass still costs 950 V-Bucks.but will allow players to earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks through gaming, which is enough for their next subscription. In addition, the new battle pass will have more than a hundred levels.

Fornite Chapter 2 launches today, and the Battle Pass will be valid until December 12th.