Epic Games loses exclusive: divine "bagel" Hades will be released on Steam

At the start of the Epic Games Store, he tried to lure gamers with three exclusives, including Hades from Supergiant.

The developers promised that the project would fall outside the epic store when it leaves early access, but it seems that the move will happen sooner.

What is known

Hades got a Steam page on whichSupergiant has already set a release date for December 10, 2019. Then the anniversary of the release of the Epic Games Store will come, and therefore the end of the exclusive contract. Of course, the “epic” may ask developers to stay by renewing the contract, but the page on Steam has already been created, and gamers will not understand this move.

According to Supergiant, Valve Store usersget a "great multi-functional game." During the period of stay in EGS, the project got a lot of updates that will migrate along with the game on Steam. At the same time, after the move, Hades will remain in Early Access, and the release version 1.0 will be released only in 2020.

Still, even the early Hades can please gamingprocess, colorful graphics and setting. Gamers will play for the son of Hades, who is trying to escape from the underworld. Close princes of the underworld, as well as demons who do not care about the origin of the guest, will try to stop the prince. At the same time, the main character can count on the help of the Greek gods, who will share power.