Epic Games Store is giving away Lovecraft-style horror Conarium, and the next one will be a game about Batman

The Epic Games Store continues to give away games, and this time the store is giving away horror game Conarium.

What is known

The game's plot is inspired by

Howard Phillips Lovecraft's story "The Ridges"madness." In Conarium, gamers will take control of a scientist who is exploring a base in Antarctica, trying to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of three more expedition members. Players will have to explore the area, read notes and solve puzzles, all in a horror atmosphere.

The next gift on the Epic Games Store will bea project dedicated to Batman, but the name was not disclosed to store users. Instead of an image of a specific game, a collage was left on the page, where the classic hero in a black cloak and his LEGO adaptation “lit up.” Users saw excerpts from Batman: Arkham and LEGO Batman in the image.

Conarium is available now, and the Batman games will be available to pick up from September 19th to 26th.