Epic Games Store Give Out Galactic Civilizations III: Galactic Space Conquest Strategy

A new giveaway has started on the Epic Games Store, and this time the store users will be presented with a galactic strategy.

What is known

If you're missing the scale of Civilization 6 fromFiraxis, then Stardock Entertainment has Galactic Civilizations III for you. The developers offer players to choose a race and lead its civilization to prosperity through the development of technology, colonization, diplomacy or war.

Starting a new playthrough, the player is allowed to customizethe size of the map, the number of planets and resources, the frequency of events, and so on. Therefore, each time the gaming experience will change. In addition, you can reach the desired goal in different ways: use military power, cultural or historical superiority, or enter into political alliances - the choice is yours.

Galactic Civilizations III will be free until January 28th. The game also includes the Crusade and Retribution expansions and the Mega Events expansion.

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