Epic Games Store is giving away Alan Wake and For Honor for PC, and this is the last time

The week has passed, which means Epic Games is ready to please gamers with a new pair of free games.

What to play

This time “epics” give away the thriller Alan Wake,in which the main character fights the darkness while trying to find his missing wife. According to the developers, players will experience a TV series with skillful storytelling and intense, dynamic scenes. The second free game of the week will be For Honor, in which players will fight for honor and glory. By choosing a Viking, samurai, knight or monk, gamers will go into an epic battle in the spirit of the Middle Ages with swords, axes and storming castles.

Both games are already available to pick up on the Epic Games Store, but this is the last time Epic is giving away two games, and next week the gift will be the puzzle game GNOG.

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