Epic Games Store gives Celeste and INSIDE the best indie games according to The Game Awards

Epic Games continues its plan to replenish the audience and lures players with a new portion of free games.

What to play

This time the store gives back two games - Celeste andINSIDE. In the first project, you have to play for the girl Madeline, who went to conquer the mountain in attempts to overcome her own demons. This hardcore platformer earned the 2018 Best Indie Game Award at The Game Awards, so you should not miss Celeste.

INSIDE walked out of the walls of Playdead, the creators of LIMBO,who decided to send the little boy back to a dark and dangerous world. The platform also received an award as the “Best Indie Game” at The Game Awards, but in 2016.

Celeste and INSIDE can be picked up before September 5, and after The End is Nigh and ABZU will become free.