Epic Games Store Loses Exclusivity of Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3 on PC

When the developers of Metro Exodus announced they were moving to the Epic Games Store, some fans decided to start a riot.

refusing to buy the game. Now the “epics” have signed a new agreement, publishing their temporary exclusive on another platform.

What is known

The list of products on the Humble Store has been expanded by MetroExodus and Borderlands 3, thanks to the store's agreement with Epic Games. Despite the agreement, gamers will not be able to avoid installing the proprietary “epics” launcher. The Humble Store only sells activation keys, with which you then go to the specified store, registering the code on your account. If you are not satisfied with this situation, then all you have to do is wait for the agreement to expire.

Epic Games also announced that it is movingpromised updates for the store. Now the features that the developers planned to add before the end of April are being postponed to May and June. Let's remember that Epic Games promised to introduce cloud saves and installation management, but it seems that players will have to turn on “Hachiko mode” again.