Epic Games Store is preparing to become a "killer Steam" with the help of new features

Although the Epic Games Store is trying to become a competitor to Steam, it launched without basic functions, such as cloud

saving user reviews and more.Only recently the store received search, regional prices and preloading, which less popular sites can boast of. Epic knows about this and promised gamers to improve the Epic Games Store in 2019.

What is known

Epic Games created a public board in Trello,in which they revealed a plan to improve the site. So, in the next three months the store will get cloud storage, search by tag and even a new design. In the future, the Epic Games Store will add user reviews, Wishlist, game time counter and mod support. Until the end of 2019, gamers should expect achievements and a shopping cart to appear.

Yes, there is nothing in these updatessupernatural, but they will help the Epic Games Store at least get closer to the Valve store, and thereby become a “Steam killer.” Exclusive games like Metro Exodus or The Division 2 attract new audiences, but the lack of basic features keeps them away.