Epic Games Store launches winter sale with 12 games and big discounts

In order to keep up with Valve, Epic Games launched its own "Holiday Sale".

What to take


dropped the price of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and give the Jedi adventure for 1 493 UAH with a discount of -17%. The fugitive swordsman will have to restore the Order, gather together the fragments of the past and complete his training, while fleeing the Inquisition.

The price tag fell on the Borderlands 3, which are given with-35% discount for 584 UAH. Gamers are waiting for a lot of shootings, loot mountains and unusual characters with their own quirks. The game was criticized due to optimization and a small number of changes compared to Borderlands 2, but the project is suitable for exploring the series and may amuse franchise fans.

Also, do not miss The Outer Worlds from the creators of Fallout: New Vegas. The developers were not embarrassed to be inspired by their past creation, but the project still turned out to be original.

Also worth taking:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - 719 UAH
  • Metro Exodus - 337 UAH
  • Detroit: Become Human - 673 UAH
  • Phoenix Point - 569
  • Control - 568 UAH
  • Atomicrops - 156 UAH

Epic Games also decided to introduce a coupon system,which can be used when buying games starting at $ 15. If you make your first purchase or receive a free game as part of the promotion before you take the “ticket”, the first Epic coupon in the amount of $ 10 rubles will be issued to you automatically. In addition, Epic presents a new coupon after a corresponding purchase.

However, the "epic" decided to give out 12 games during the sale period. Now you can pick up Into the Breach in the store, and in 24 hours another project will be free.

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