Epic Games will unite the Avengers and Fortnite in a new crossover

The film Avengers: The Finals will appear in theaters on April 24th. Fans of the universe are looking forward to the picture

buying tickets, and Epic Games has decided to attach to the general hapu Fortnite.

What is known

The developer posted on his page inTwitter teaser for the new Royal Battle update. The image showed a character from Fortnite, who holds the shield of Captain America, which really shouts about the crossover. It is not yet known what exactly they will add to the game, but judging by the image, gamers will be able to use attributes of the Avengers, like the same shield. It is possible that the characters will appear in the game.

Last time Epic Games added to FortniteThe glove of infinity that turned players into Thanos. Datamineers already had time to dig in the new update and noticed that the character appeared again in the game files, so gamers should wait for the villain to return.