Ericsson has launched 5G in South Korea and two US cities

A 5G network running on equipment from the Swedish company Ericsson was launched in South Korea and two US cities.

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5G services will be available in the Chicago andMinneapolis to Verizon subscribers, SK Telecom and KT customers in South Korea. Of course, to use new technologies you need to have a phone that supports 5G. Korean celebrities have already received such smartphones from operators in honor of the launch of the network. Now everything is working in test mode, but in the near future Ericsson plans to launch the service in many other countries.

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Data transfer speed will allow you to play onlinegames, watch TV series and movies without long downloads. Users will also be able to quickly download files and applications. So far the coating is not working evenly. But in those places where it is possible to catch the network, the Internet speed reaches 480 Mbit/s, and sometimes reaches 600 Mbit/s.

Source: Ericsson

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