Ericsson Mobility Report 2021: every day the number of 5G users in the world grows by a million

The Ukrainian division of Ericsson held an online event Mobility Report 2021, where it shared forecasts

and statistics on the implementation of the fifth generation (5G) network around the world.

What told

By the end of 2021, the number of mobile subscriptionson 5G will exceed 580 million. At the same time, the number of new 5G connections through mobile devices is growing by 1 million daily. Thus, the fifth generation network breaks records in terms of the rate of implementation in the world. If this continues, then in 2026 5G will cover 60% of the population.

5G is spreading faster than 4G, so5G subscriptions will surpass 1 billion 2 years earlier than 4G in the same period. One of the factors behind this rapid growth is the emergence of more affordable 5G smartphones on the market. The minimum price tag is already $ 250. For example, this is how much the Redmi Note 10 5G costs. There are over 300 5G smartphone models in the world today.

Unfortunately, the launch of 5G has been uneven.For example, Europe is slower in adopting technology and is inferior in pace to China, the United States, Korea, Japan and the Gulf countries. In 2019, Gulf markets were among the first in the world to introduce commercial 5G services. Thanks to this, by 2026 they will be able to receive 62 million 5G subscriptions in total. It is the second largest distribution market for 5G in the world.

If we talk about mobile traffic, then itcontinues to grow from year to year. Global mobile data traffic exceeded 49 EB per month at the end of 2020. It is predicted to grow by about 5 times and reach 237 EB per month in 2026. Smartphones, which now generate 95% of this traffic, also consume more data than they used to. Now in the world, 1 smartphone accounts for an average of more than 10 GB of data per month. This figure is projected to reach 35 GB per month by the end of 2026. As for Ukraine, the figure is 4.5 GB. By the way, at the end of 2020, 48% of the Ukrainian population uses 3G, 28% 4G, 19% EDGE and 5% do not use mobile Internet at all.

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Ericsson Mobility Report: until the end of 2021, the world will have 500 million 5G subscriptions

  • 5G continues to lead the way at a pace in the middle of the last few generations, and even today 5G subscriptions grow by a million more.

  • China, Pivnichna America and the land of Persian inflows may have the highest number of 5G subscribers, while Europe has more 5G subscribers.

  • The number of add-ons from 5G connectivity has grown by 70 million in the first quarter of 2021. According to forecasts, until the end of 2021, the rock is up to 580 million.

Ericsson Company (NASDAQ:ERIC) predicts that by the end of 2021, the number of mobile 5G subscriptions will be replaced by 580 million. At the same time, the number of new 5G-systems through mobile devices is increased by 1 million. So, 5G is the record for the rate of growth in the world in 2026, 60% of the population by the end of 2026 - close to 3.5 billion sub-lists.

5G service є 4G LTE for faster expansion

5G is faster than 4G.So, the number of subscriptions for 5G has to be replaced by a bill 2 rock earlier, not 4G for that very period. The main factors are the readiness of China in the early stages of the provision of 5G fences, as well as the greater availability of commercial 5G add-ons. Ponad 300 models of smartphones from the 5G platform have already been announced or presented in all light.

According to forecasts, such a commercial 5G-splash is trivial and nadal. The importance of providing a superior 5G incentive, as well as a key element of the cost-effective COVID-19 update.

The protest launch of 5G is not going to run smoothly.Europe is more advanced in technology to move at the pace of China, the United States, Korea, Japan and the Russian Federation of the Arab Powers of the Persian Gulf (RSADPZ), which include Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia. In 2019, the regional markets of the Persian outflows were among the first in the world to present the commercial services of 5G. With such a rank, until 2026 the rock of the stench can be cleaned out of 62 million 5G-subscriptions in total. There is another 5G expansion in light of the market. Mobile connections up to 5G become 84% and 73% of all mobile subscriptions in the regions of Pivnichnaya America and the provinces of Persian streams. At the same time in Pivnichno-Shidniy Asia, there will be the most part of 5G-subscription - at the level of 1.4 milliard.

Ericsson MobilityReport will show you what is being used for the new stage of 5G. At the same time, I am sorry to see the expansion of the coverage on such new markets as China, the USA and Poland. Infected an hour of engaging the best innovative practices and showing all the 5G passages. Business and support can also be expected to live in a post-pandemic light, and digitalization on the basis of 5G will become a global role ”, - commentary Fredrik Jejdling, Vice President Ericsson

Mobile traffic growth

Transfer of tribute to prodovzhu zrostati from rock to rіk.Global mobile traffic is danikh - for a vinatka traffic, which generates fixed, childless access - by shifting 49 EB for the month of 2020 to the rock. According to forecasts, the growth rate is approximately 5 times and up to 237 EB per month in 2026. Smartphones, which generate 95% of all traffic, also live more and less before. Infection in a light on 1 smartphone falls in the middle of Monday 10 GB of tribute per month and, according to forecasts, the figure is up to 35 GB per month until the end of 2026.

Service supervisors 5G-call on the first mission at the in-house fixed mouthless access

The COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate digitalization, as well asshowing the importance of a high-quality high-speed mobile widescreen connection to a new need. Mayzhe nine out of ten post-call service providers (PPZ), which launched 5G, are offering mouthless access (4G and / or 5G). It is important to work for the future, as well as the traffic of fixed mouthless access grows up to 64 EB at 2026 growth.