Ericsson threatened to leave Sweden due to harassment from Huawei

There are three major 5G equipment manufacturers in the world - Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia. The first company is exposed

pressure in many countries, she is simply prohibitedwork. This puts Ericsson and Nokia in an advantageous position. Ericsson, however, has recently spoken out against Huawei's harassment. The company said it would leave Sweden if the country bans the Chinese from working.

The head of Ericsson said that “if the ban isHuawei will really act, Ericsson will leave Sweden. " For those who have forgotten: Ericsson is a Swedish company. It is quite unusual to hear that a manufacturer is willing to leave its own country because of unfairness towards a competitor. Apparently, Ericsson is worried that someday itself may be in the position of Huawei in China.

In response to the statement of the head of Ericsson, the ministerSwedish Trade said that the country's government could not lift the ban on Huawei because the decision was based on recommendations from the Swedish Ministry of Defense.