ESA develops a system of space signal lights for safe docking of ships with satellites

Docking spacecraft with each other is now common, but with an increase in

the number of manned space flights, the boom in commercial tourism and the growing interest in remote maintenance of satellites and their disposal, the safety of docking will becomea serious problem.

ESA is developing a kind of systemsignal lights - marker PEMSUN. Thanks to a combination of infrared reflectors and phosphorescent stickers, markers will not only make the device more visible, but also allow you to build docking schemes.

"The idea itself is not new, but this is the first time we've made and tested samples of patches for a spacecraft's multi-layer insulation coating."


It was previously reported that Japanese engineers fromAerospace Research Agency (JAXA) will develop a special menu for the colonizers of the Moon. This will allow people for a long time to be without fresh food, getting a variety of foods.