ESA is developing the Space Rider reusable capsule - it will deliver the equipment into orbit and return it back to Earth

Space Rider will be built based on the ESA Interim Experimental Vehicle (IXV) design -

the ship, which successfully completed its first flight in 2015 and passed tests for suitability for re-launch.

The capsule is equipped with a cargo compartment in whichYou can carry up to 800 kg of solid cargo and up to 1.2 thousand liters of liquid. The compartment opens in space or when docked with the station or ship, and after the cargo is dropped, the capsule returns to Earth.

It is planned that the first flight tests of the capsule will be held in 2022. If they succeed, in the same year, ESA will launch the Space Rider into orbit.

Previously, NASA successfully deployed an array of105 nanosatellites project Sprites. Cracker-sized devices will explore new satellite communications capabilities that do not interfere with other devices, as well as measure atmospheric behavior and magnetic fields.