Essential PH-2 smartphone is being prepared with an adjustable transparency screen

Android developer Andy Rubin tried his hand at making smartphones with the Essential PH-1. TO

Unfortunately, this smartphone, although it was one ofthe most anticipated at the time, did not reach the consumer. Not only did it not become a hit, but it also did not rise to the average level of popularity. Of course, this device has obvious advantages such as a frameless display and instant software updates. And this is sometimes very important - to get the latest version of Android faster than everyone else, to use it while your friends are waiting for another six months.

PH-2 is coming

After a while Essential PhoneIt was safely closed as a project, or simply its production and sales. The second option is supported by the fact that the SlashGear edition is sure that while everyone has buried this project, it is slowly developing, and the second generation of the smartphone, PH-2, is currently being developed. Under this case, even there were some images that demonstrate how allegedly the sequel will be Andy Rubin. So, the display, of course, will be frameless, and there will be no cutout on it. But what about without a front camera, and most importantly - without sensors? So, the front camera along with the sensors will be hidden and the display. Moreover, the display will have a function that allows it to change its transparency. It is like tinted glass electrochromic.

Everything under the screen

According to insiders, Essential is alreadyis studying the possibility of using this feature on the IPS matrix, as well as on the OLED matrix. Another image shows a drawing with a fingerprint scanner, which is located at the bottom of the display. In general, it turns out that both the camera (front) and the fingerprint scanner, everything will be hidden under the screen. Moreover, this image is extracted from the patent documents that the company received on the patent application. In this image (document) there was a description of the fingerprint in the screen, so there is no mention of the translucency of the display here.

Earlier rumors about the revival of work on the brand alreadyrose in a quiet wave, and, according to rumors, users are waiting for a completely new type of mobile device. But then it was purely on the software level, strong binding to assistants. The mobile phone itself would answer calls, ordered dinner itself, booked tickets and much more. This is a kind of virtual clone of the owner of the phone. Apparently, these chips are not too impressed with consumers, and in the future smartphone, they are unlikely to appear, in any case, in the volumes that were promised earlier.

Indirectly, the work on the smartphone is confirmedthe document of one of the American cellular operators, which listed support for a smartphone with the designation PH-2. So, perhaps, soon we can see and touch a truly revolutionary smartphone from the father of Android.

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