Estonia sent rare 122-mm D-30A howitzers to Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already using them at the front

Military analysts @UAWeapons have published a video with a rare Estonian D-30A howitzer in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

What is known

D-30A is a modification of the Soviet122 mm howitzer D-30, which was developed in the 50s. The last production of the D-30A was in 2013. Depending on the projectile, the howitzer can fire up to 21.9 km. The combat rate of fire is 5-6 rounds per minute.

According to @UAWeapons, Estonia donated D-30A howitzers to Ukraine as military aid. We've had them since March. In total, the APU has 9 pieces.

Recall that Estonia is now preparing a new package of military assistance. It will include weaponry, a field hospital and soldier training.

Source: @UAWeapons

Image: Wikipedia