“Eternal death” is what awaits Diablo IV players in case of defeat in PvP

Seasoned Diablo players know the Hardcore mode, in which your character is permanently lost if they are killed in the course of the game.

And of course the players were interested in:What happens to a character in Diablo IV who gets killed in PvP? Blizzard community director Adam Fletcher gave a short answer to this question - "eternal death". In other words, you will need to create a new character.

Therefore, avid players will need tokeep a close eye on where exactly they go, because in the game you can wander to the location Fields of Hatred, where players collect hatred shards by killing other players and monsters. Also in other zones there are NPCs, approaching which you can try your hand at one of the PvP zones of the game.

For the daredevils, the game has the Fearless Fighter achievement, which can be obtained by getting 10 PvP kills in Hardcore mode.

Diablo IV releases June 6th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC.