Europe faces problems due to Russian Soyuz ban

The network has information that several companies from Europe and South Korea have suffered in connection with

a ban on the launch of domestic Soyuz. Discuss

So, only in the next 2 years, 16 launches of Russian missiles were planned, which were supposed to launch a payload for foreign customers.

Experts note the greatest losses at OneWeb —the company involved in the distribution of the space Internet planned to complete the main deployment of the satellite constellation with the help of six Soyuz launches. This should have happened in 2022.

An additional issue with OneWeb is thatAriane 5, H-2A and Atlas 5 missiles, which could be an alternative to Russian vehicles, are being decommissioned. At the same time, the next generation of missiles (Ariane 6, Vulcan and H3) are not yet ready.

Source: spacenews