Europe will create an “answer” to the Russian tank “Armata”

In Europe, they will create an “answer” to the Russian tank “Armata”. German parliament committees reaffirm start

related developments.

About this writes "Military Review". The budget committee and the defense committee of the Bundestag talked about the program for creating a new generation of European tanks. The media has already nicknamed him the “European response” to “Armate”.

A project that both Germany andFrance, called MGCS (Main Ground Combat System). It should create a modular armored platform for a tank and infantry fighting vehicle (BMP). At the first stage, the “architecture” of the machine will be developed. It will spend 75 million euros.

They intend to provide a demonstration version of the armored car until 2027. It is assumed that the new product will replace the existing Leopard and Leclerc tanks.