EVE Echoes - an open-source space MMO based on the EVE Online universe - released on Android and iOS

EVE Online developers teamed up with Netease to launch a mobile version of space-based MMO on Android and iOS.

What is known

Closed testing of EVE Echoes is over andthe game finally got to Android and iOS. Players are waiting for a mobile space MMO with an open world in which they can create alliances, explore the universe and fight. According to the developers, players will be able to freely participate in interstellar battles, reconnaissance, piracy, collect resources, trade and so on.

The authors tried to make the gameplay of EVE Echoes similar to EVE Online. In the comments, gamers note that the developers turned out to be conceived, albeit with some deviations from the original.

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According to the developers, EVE Echoes is availableMore than 8000 star systems that players can freely explore on 100 varieties of ships. In addition, players who want to stand out can attach a look to the ship.

EVE Echoes is already available for free on Android andiOS, but only in early access. Moreover, users of the iPhone and iPad will have to run the game through Test Flight. The developers are still finalizing the project, but the release version has received quite a few changes compared to the "alpha":

  • More ships;
  • More modules;
  • Interstellar Shopping Center;
  • Story missions;
  • Technical optimization;
  • Training for new players.

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