Even cheaper: Xiaomi launches 10,000 mAh Power Bank with $ 18 wireless charging

At the end of February, together with the flagship Mi 9, Xiaomi released the Mi Wireless Power Bank. Now

the manufacturer announced an even cheaper Youth Edition.

What is the difference

Inside, the Mi Wireless Power Bank Youth Edition is no different from the first version. The capacity is still 10,000 mAh, and the main feature of the device remains - wireless charging.

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Power Bank can charge two gadgetssimultaneously. One is wired via a USB Type-A connector with a power of up to 18 W, the second is wirelessly up to 10 W. The “can” itself is charged via USB Type-C with a maximum input power of 18 W; a full charge will take about 4 hours.

In the Mi Wireless Power Bank Youth Edition, only the case material was changed: plastic began to be used instead of aluminum. Thanks to this, the thickness has decreased by 1.8 mm and the weight by 75 grams.

Also, to the black colorway, another one was added - white.

How many?

Along with the weight of the new Power Bank, the price has also decreased: for the updated battery they are asking $18. This is $4 less than the cost of the Mi Wireless Power Bank.

Sales will start in China on September 12.

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