Even if everything is fine. Epson programmed some of its printers to stop working

Printer manufacturer Epson has programmed some models of its inkjet printers to “stop

work” at a predetermined time, citing the risk of property damage from an “ink spill,” reports Fight to Repair. Discuss

Epson printer owners complain that theirHealthy printers suddenly stop working with an error message stating that some printer component has "reached the end of its life" and that the device needs service. According to the Epson website, the message is related to the ink pads.

"Like many other products, allEpson consumer inkjet printers have a limited lifespan due to component wear and tear during normal use... Printers are designed to stop working at a point where continued use without replacing ink pads could create a risk of property damage from ink spills or contact-related safety issues. excess ink with an electrical component," the company's website says.

However, instead of measuring saturationink pads to detect when this point is reached, Epson seems to have programmed a counter into their printers that turns off the device when a certain threshold is reached. For printer owners using Windows, Epson releases a reset utility that can reset the counter, although it "can only be used once and will allow printing for a short period of time." For users who have already run the reset utility once, Epson recommends contacting an Epson authorized service center or, preferably, replacing the printer with a new one.

Despite the company's claims that the problem with ink pads is unrecoverable, YouTube videos show that they are actually easy to replace.