Even manhole covers will be included in the 5G infrastructure

The deployment of networks of the new 5G standard is proceeding very actively, special equipment is being installed everywhere

towers and roofs of high-rise buildings.Vodafone went further; the company began installing equipment that relays 4G signals directly into sewer manholes, thereby expanding and improving the quality of coverage. It is this solution that will be used to speed up the transition from the fourth generation of cellular networks to the fifth. Some experts believe that such a transition could be quite difficult.

5G harder to deploy

The development of any wireless networks - the tasknontrivial. These are always long distances, these are problems with rough terrain, urban obstacles, in general, the process cannot be called simple. And the transition to the fifth generation promises to be even more difficult than it was with the transition to LTE. However, not all operators hold this view. Some are looking for excuses. Others are looking for ways, Vodafone believes that a way for the fastest transition has been found, in any case, for himself.

The idea is to place the antennas, andalso repeaters directly in sewer manholes, and not just on rooftops and towers. This allows you to significantly expand coverage and improve signal quality. In addition, the covers themselves can work as antennas. A diameter of 200 millimeters is just perfect for receiving and transmitting mobile signals. In addition, it is not necessary to build anything, they just make special manhole covers, and they replace the standard ones.

Fast passage

And it can work right now, with 4G,that will allow to get from the more current networks to extract the highest speeds by improving the signal quality. Then they will be quite easy to upgrade to the 5G standard during the global transition to it. So far, these covers are installed in a small amount, in the area of ​​the Vodafone technology center, in the area of ​​the main office. The company plans to deploy networks with covers throughout the country (Britain). In this connection will be carried out and on their own covers, own production, and on the covers of third-party companies and utilities.

The company reported that they have determined the first pointsinstallation in the center of the capital. However, while there is no information on the asshole. Anyway, the solution from Vodafone will become a kind of stimulus for the speedy development of 5G, as it greatly simplifies deployment. Due to the fact that while 5G is not so stable, and is prone to failures more often than 4G, so you need more antennas in the devices. This applies to mmWave technology, at the same time there is a sub-6Ghz, also 5G, but with low speeds, but more stable.

In fact, manhole covers are far fromthe only possible places where you can place mobile network equipment. You can use the famous London telephone booths, and they can also be simply updated to the standard of the fifth generation.