Everything to work from home: Windows 10 Pro for only $ 9.49 and discounts on Microsoft Office

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The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus in Europe and around the world has affected all areas of our lives.

Recent studies show that people withoutovert symptoms of the disease can also be spreading the dangerous virus, and in order to prevent mass infections, companies transfer employees to a remote work format. This is a global trend.

For comfortable work from home you needmake the most convenient schedule (and try to stick to it), as well as organize yourself a separate workplace. No less important is the technological aspect - the joint work of employees will be more productive if there is a stable Internet connection and a familiar software environment. With the latter, the Keysworlds online store will help.

Windows 10 at a super price of $ 9.49

When logging into Windows 10 with an accountMicrosoft users automatically gain access to the company's cloud services. As a result, the team can work with the same document in OneDrive, without getting confused in different versions of the file. Does your company use other online services? There will be no problems with them either. And if you haven't upgraded your computer to Windows 10 yet, Keysworlds offers a 38% discount on your operating system. The key for one PC will cost only $ 9.49.

Microsoft Office 2019 for only $ 32.27

The new version of the office suite has received supportfunctions that were previously available only for Office 365 subscriptions. The company has created a powerful tool for working with documents, and for organizations there is a special version of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus. In addition to the standard set of programs - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote - it includes Outlook, Publisher, Access and Skype for Business. This product can be purchased at a good discount at Keysworlds.

Software with a 50% discount on the WD50L promotional code:

Office 2019 Professional Plus (1PC): $ 32.27

Windows 10 Pro + Microsoft Office 2019 Pro: $ 38.29

Windows 10 Home + Office 2019 Pro: $ 39.38

Windows 10 keys with 38% savings on TLIZ35 promotional code:

Windows 10 Professional (1PC): $ 9.49

Windows 10 Home (1PC): $ 10.17

Windows 10 Pro Professional (2 PC): $ 15.59

Windows 10 Professional + Office 2016 Pro: $ 26.45

Windows 10 Home + Office 2016 Pro: $ 25.77

and also Office 2016 Professional Plus (1PC) for $ 21.65 (-40% with the promotional code TLIZ1640)

Important: a 50% discount is valid only until the end of March 2020. The number of activations of the promotional code TLIZ35 also limited, so it’s better not to procrastinate.

How to buy?

Buyers can choose the most convenient forSelf payment option - through PayPal, bank transfer, as well as by credit or debit card. The product key is emailed within a few minutes. For any questions of interest, you can contact the 24-hour support service at service@keysworlds.com.