Everything you need to know about the function "Depth" on the new iPhone

Apple's advanced dual-camera system allows you to take portrait photos and

Adjust the level of background blur appeared first on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

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Two main cameras allow you to take picturesfocused on an object with a blurred background. The iPhone 7, 8 and X models have only a basic blur function, and the new iPhone XS / XR provide a beautiful bokeh effect.


New smartphones also support the function "Depth". This is how Apple describes it:

Improved portrait segmentationallows you to make better portraits with professional bokeh blur. The new function "Depth" allows you to adjust the level of background blur in real time, and already on the finished images. Portrait mode with the “Depth” function is also available for the TrueDepth front camera.


To use the new features, you need:

  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and newer.
  • Standard Camera application.
  • Mode "Portrait" in the camera.

You can adjust the real-time background blur only in iOS 12.1.

Preview at real of time

The version of iOS 12.1 will be able to adjust the depth of the image in real time right in the camera.

You can select the level of background blur and then take a picture. For now, the Camera application has an “f” icon in the upper right corner for adjusting the aperture level.

Even if you select the degree of blur before you take a picture, you can adjust it and then on the finished picture. In addition, you can remove the blur effect altogether.

how works cameraiPhone

With the release of iOS 11 in September 2017, Apple began to read and save data on the depth of the images along with the portrait shots, making it possible to blur the background.

The camera sensors of the new iPhone have been improved, thanks to which the bokeh effect was brought to a new level with the release of iOS 12 and the new iPhone XS.

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New iPhone models can capture muchmore details about the depth of images thanks to faster camera sensors and a new A12 Bionic processor, as well as machine learning and a neural engine. That is why Apple managed such a beautiful bokeh effect in the pictures.

As a result, portrait shots look much better than before.

Segmentation of images allows you to interact with portraits in a new way, because the object is better separated from the background.

New portrait segmentation APIs will also allow developers to use it in their applications. Some third-party cameras, like Halide, already have support for new features.

Due to segmentation, the Depth function is also possible. With it, you can make the bokeh effect more or less aggressive.

Portraits made on the new iPhone, will be more detailed thanks to the algorithms of computational photography. The system will better recognize the edges of hairstyles, accessories, etc.

How to use the Depth feature

After you take a portrait photo, go to the Photos app, select it and tap the buttonDepthbottom of the screen. Now you can adjust the degree of blur, i.e. intensity of the bokeh effect using the slider.

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You can adjust the slider from f / 1.4 to f / 16. f / 1.4 is the maximum blur, and f / 16 is the total absence of blur.

When you interact with the slider, you will notice how the background of the photo changes. To make the blur maximize, move the slider to the left and vice versa.

The Depth feature is available for both the main and front iPhone XS cameras. She works only with portrait shots. Best of all, the function works with snapshots of people and animals.

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In portrait photos taken with older iPhones,You cannot adjust the degree of background blur. "Depth" &#8211; A great feature for photography enthusiasts, and it will only improve over time. Bokeh is a very beautiful effect and being able to adjust it is great.