Evolution Theory: New Xiaomi 13 announcement date from Japan teaser

Yesterday, the premiere of the Xiaomi 13 series was supposed to take place, but it and all other Chinese presentations of this

weeks had to be postponed due to the death of the formerChinese leader Jiang Zemin. Neither company has yet announced a new premiere date, but the first hint of a Xiaomi event came from the Japanese division of the brand. This morning, a poster of a new product presentation surfaced on the Web with the loud headline “Smartphone Evolution Theory” tells us about a certain product launch event that will take place on December 8th. It is easy to guess that we are talking about Xiaomi 13, which means that the Chinese premiere will take place on the same day or a day earlier, on December 7 - exactly after the week of mourning.

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    Sourced from weibo.com