Ex-NASA engineer published a video punishing parcel thieves

Ex-NASA engineer Marc Robert maintains his YouTube channel, in which a very interesting video appeared on the eve. In him

he showed how he punishes parcel thieves using traps in the style of Kevin from Home Alone.

Interestingly, the actor helps to improve the traps.Macaulay Culkin, who played the role of a lover to torture burglars. In a video posted on Robert's channel, you can see how he disguises the box of "surprises" under the packaging of Buzz headphones. The name of the manufacturing company was also not chosen by chance - it is a reference to the name of the cocky brother of the protagonist "Home Alone".

Inside the box are 4 smartphones with GPS andinternet connection. They are needed in order to shoot what is happening around on the camera. The moment the intruder opens the stolen box, the mechanism inside shoots out sparkles and also sprays spray. Then the countdown begins, after which the recording is turned on, simulating police negotiations. Of course, the device does not call the police, but the attackers are not aware of this.