Exclusive: Huawei Mate X3 soon in Russia (price)

Yesterday we drew attention to the fact that representatives of the Huawei P60 series appeared in Russian retail - current

flagship monoblocks of the Chinese brand.Now we got something else interesting for you. Our editor-in-chief Evgeny Makarov, in his personal Telegram channel, told important details about the release of Huawei Mate X3 in Russia. According to his informant from Russian retail, a 512 GB version of the foldable device will soon be available to customers at a price of 159,990 rubles. It is known for sure that there will be a green edition (title for Mate X3), but the full palette is not yet available to us. We will announce the timing of the sale separately, but for now you can brush up on the technical characteristics of a promising new product.

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