Expensive-rich: the golden Huawei P30 Pro lights up online

A unique version of Huawei P30 in a gold case appeared in the hands of the popular Chinese actor Donnie Yen.

Judging by the photographs, Gold Elite Paris had a hand in this version of the smartphone.

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The device is personalized and comes inexclusive case with certificate inside. The certificate itself is made of pure 24-karat gold, but the case, alas, is only covered with it. So you won’t be able to fight off Chinese gopniks with your smartphone. Whether it's the titanium sword phone from Caviar…

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Huawei is not yet officiallyannounced the Gold version of the P30 Pro, and nothing is known about it on the Gold Elite Paris website yet. Perhaps such devices will be awarded to famous personalities or made to order in single copies.