Experimenters ordered fake lunar mud and launched a rocket from it

Companies selling fake lunar regolith are thriving today - their satellite soil substitutes

buy private space companies fortesting your missions. The Verge journalists purchased regolith from Exolith Lab and then experimented with a baking dish and a mini-rocket.

Why the Moon and not Mars: the main thing about the Artemis-1 mission and why it is needed

The lunar regolith is not at all like the earth's soil,it is covered with meteorite debris, and its chemical composition has been altered by constant bombardment by the solar wind. Therefore, when testing lunar missions on Earth, high-quality substitutes are needed, since transporting regolith to our planet is almost a more labor-intensive mission than sending astronauts to a satellite. About what fake regolith is made of and how they check the quality of spacesuits, see the video.

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