Experiments continue: Wargaming has opened a studio in the UK for a completely new game

Wargaming continues to expand its holdings. So, the publisher of World of Tanks and World of Warships opened a new studio

In Great Britain.

What is known

Wargaming UK founded in Guildford, a city inSoutheast England. So far, 68 developers are crowded in the office, but the company plans to expand its staff to 150 employees. Therefore, the head of the studio, Sean Decker, opened a dozen vacancies for various positions.

As PC Games N notes, the new team will not beWork on World of Tanks, World of Warships, or other Wargaming military sims. Instead, the unit will engage in a new game targeting a western audience. The project will not depart from the shareware distribution model familiar to the company, but will be based on new intellectual property.

Wargaming is not shy about experimenting,because the mood of the new unit is not surprising. For example, in August, the company released the “diabloid” Pagan Online in the setting of Slavic mythology. In addition, Wargaming helped Creative Assembly and Sega with the multiplayer strategy of Total War: Arena.

The company’s portfolio even has tacticalmilitary shooter "Caliber", so the company managed to touch almost every genre. Wargaming lacks only its own "royal battle" or medieval action in the style of Mordhau.

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