Experts have found "serious problems" in the system of online voting in Switzerland

In February 2019, Switzerland began testing an online voting system, but after

The source code of the programs became available to the public, cryptography experts questioned its effectiveness.

According to them, the system is bada constructed and intricate “maze” that makes it difficult to track what is happening and to effectively assess whether cryptography and other security measures work in the system.

"Most of the platform is divided into hundredsfiles, each configured at different levels, ”said Sarah Jamie Lewis, a former Amazon security engineer. "I used to deal with Java code that works with different packages and commands, but despite this, such code is completely incomprehensible to me."

She said the system usescryptographic solutions that are quite new to this area. To use it transparently, the data must be rechecked manually, but the current design makes it difficult to re-observe the results.

The first experiments with electronic voting can take place in the Moscow City Duma elections as early as 2019

Concern is not only externalinfluence; the system increases the likelihood that administrators may incorrectly configure the system, and it will be easier to manipulate. At the same time, it is almost impossible to prove that the setting was done incorrectly on purpose.

"I expected the protected code to be writtenit’s understandable to prevent his misbehavior, ”Lewis said in a comment to the Vice publication. “But instead of building a system that does not allow it, programmers added a comment stating that it needs to be configured correctly. At the same time, as far as I know, no one has ever used such a complex electronic voting system. ”