Experts have found several critical vulnerabilities in the most popular applications for children.

Experts have selected the top most downloaded applications for children from the App Store and Google Play. In 9 out of 14 applications in

In Android versions, the application encryption key wasspecified in the source code. Daniil Chernov, head of the Solar appScreener department at Rostelecom-Solar, indicated that this vulnerability ranks third in terms of severity in the international OWASP Top 10 ranking.

At the same time, versions of games under iOS have an even less complicated scheme of data protection and encryption than under Android, - there are practically no hashing algorithms in them.

In previous studies, we have not metvulnerabilities higher than fifth place in this ranking. In our opinion, this is due to the fact that developers generally do not think about the safety of children's gaming applications. Obviously, because free mobile games for children, at first glance, should be uninteresting to intruders.

Daniil Chernov

Other experts point out that developers are worseprotect applications for children because they contain virtually no information useful to hackers - they are free, they do not contain data about the user’s payment systems, and the data itself is of no interest.