Experts named the main buyers of the new iPhone SE

The other day, Apple introduced an inexpensive smartphone in the old case, but with a modern processor. Now experts

called the main buyers of the new iPhone SE.

About this writes Reuters. The material contains a survey about the iPhone SE (2020), which was conducted in the Chinese social network Weibo. 60% of participants replied that they would not buy a new product. It is reported that 350,000 people participated in the survey.

About a fifth of respondents said they would buy an iPhone SE (2020). However, for many it would have seemed more attractive if it had an even lower price.

Reuters also led analysts onthe likely audience of the smartphone. They believe that the iPhone SE (2020) is perfect for owners of older iPhone 6, because it will offer them a good way to upgrade to a more secure and modern version of the system.

“These are people who have been using smartphones for four or five years until they (the device's note) break or the battery goes bad,” analysts say.

In addition, the iPhone SE (2020) will appeal to an audience loyal to the brand, and those people who do not care about the presence of 5G support in the phone.