F-35I Adir fighter jets take part in Red Flag exercise in Nevada for the first time in history

Red Flag exercises were held in Nevada this month. The fighters of the fifth took part in them for the first time in history.

generation F-35I Adir.

What is known

Red Flag are focused on strengthening opportunities,and to strengthen US European and Central Commands. Seven fifth-generation F-35I Adir fighters of the Israeli Air Force arrived in Nevada to participate in the exercises, which is almost half of the entire fleet. By 2024, the Israeli Air Force will already have 50 fifth-generation aircraft.

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Head of the 414th Combat Training SquadronColonel Jared Hutchinson emphasized that the participation of Israeli crews was a big step forward for both the US and allies. The Red Flag exercise allowed military personnel to combine their capabilities and conduct training in a combat environment.

The venue for the Red Flag was a military airbaseNellis and the Nevada Test and Training Range. The exercises took place from 12 to 24 March 2023 amid tensions between Israel and Iran. American and Israeli fifth-generation F-35 fighters trained to suppress enemy air defenses, attack air targets and provide protection against air threats themselves.

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In conclusion, let's add that Red Flag isannual exercise, which consists of three phases. In the January stage, the focus was on China. The event, which lasted three weeks, involved the Royal Air Force of Great Britain and Australia. The third stage, with a focus on the Indo-Pacific region, is scheduled for August. Only the USA will participate in it.