F (x) tec Pro 1: Is the QWERTY keyboard relevant in a modern smartphone?

Some time ago, a QWERTY-keyboard for a smartphone was a required component, then on-screen

Keyboards have become more convenient because the screenssmartphones are becoming more and more, the fashion for framelessness has come, and the physical keyboard has lost its original meaning and relevance. It takes a lot of space, makes the smartphone heavier, does not bring any special advantages, additional functionality. However, from time to time such a rarity appears on the shelves. To date, the rumor is only one reliable similar smartphone - BlackBerry.

Return QWERTY?

Beyond Blackbury, there is little that can chooseconsumer. The company F (x) tec decided to correct this situation, and proposed a new smartphone Pro 1 under its brand. They brought their novelty to the exhibition in Spain, the start of sales is scheduled for mid-summer, but pre-orders are already available. Price tag 650 dollars.

Remarkably, F (x) tec is a logicalcontinuation of one of the projects Moto Mod, which created a sliding keyboard for Moto Z. Since the project was not very ready to take off, since the carrier itself was not very popular, the team decided that it would develop its own smartphone for its keyboard. By and large, this is a regular smartphone, which differs from a regular device by its keyboard. The number of keys is 64 in five rows, there is a backlight. A retractable keyboard makes the screen sloping under 155 degrees. When the keyboard is not needed, it moves behind the screen. The result was a device with a conventional touch screen, like conventional smartphones, and an additionally retractable physical keyboard. In this case, the keyboard does not take up space from the screen, which is very good. Here are just come up with scenarios when the keyboard may need to buy such a smartphone. If you work with large texts, the device is clearly selected incorrectly, there are tablets with keyboard blocks, if you want a smartphone, then the work is not selected by device.

By, characteristics

The device works under the latest version.Android optimized to work in landscape mode. There are on the keyboard and arrows, with which you can roam the interface, as with a mouse, without touching the display. And again, if you have a touch screen, what is it for? Reaching a finger to any corner of the smartphone is not difficult at all, but if you like to poke at arrows, then of course. Arrows can be surfed on the Internet, run different applications and a lot more to do.

As for the hardware stuffing, the price iswhich smartphone is proposed, too high for the level of iron, and the keyboard can not cost so much. Immediately removes all questions about the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset - it is two years old. Of course, this is a good processor, and its performance is enough for any task, but a $ 650 smartphone in 2019 cannot be with a two-year-old chip. Otherwise, everything seems to be more or less: a display of 6 inches, with a resolution of AMOLED-matrix 2160x1080, 6 gigabytes of RAM, 128GB drive, there is also a microSD card receiver with support for two terabytes. What are these for, and where to buy them. In nature, such a capacity does not exist yet.

The company noted on this occasion that the chipsetSnapdragon 835 is much cheaper than the new flagship, but also more productive than the middle category, for example, the Snapdragon 660. It is this chip that stands on the BlackBerry Key2, and it also costs $ 650, and it was not even a year off. Well, yes, how many have bought them, and this is with a powerful brand.

The battery in the smartphone at 3200 mAh, the maincamera with a main sensor at 12 MP and an additional at 5. Selfie camera at 8 MP. The device works with two SIM cards, there is a mini-jack, NFC module, USB-C, as well as fifth-generation Bluetooth. The sound is provided by two stereo speakers. Fingerprint scanner on the side face.

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