Facebook accused of spying on "potentially dangerous" users for social networks

The publication learned about the surveillance of “potentially dangerous” users from conversations with several former

Facebook employees.According to them, the social network maintains a special register of users who were dissatisfied with Facebook services or demonstrated aggressive behavior towards the company and its leaders.

For some users of the so-calledThe BOLO list is monitored by their IP addresses. Former Facebook employees claim to be “hundreds of names.” The reasons for inclusion in the list are quite subjective, they note - for example, the user may come under the supervision of insulting Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook representative in conversation with Gizmodosaid that the company "there is a group that ensures the physical security of Facebook employees", but its employees do not monitor the users of the social network.

It was previously reported that Facebook was payingusers for installing the Facebook Research VPN service, an application that allows you to track user behavior and record his consumption habits.