Facebook accuses Ukrainian hackers of stealing personal data of users

Facebook sued two Ukrainian programmers for allegedly using third-party

applications to steal user data.

How did it work

Figures of the case Gleb Sluchevsky and Andrei Gorbachevthrough the social network advertised various tests, like "Who are you from modern vampires?" and "Do you have blue blood?". To complete the quiz, it was proposed to install a special browser plugin (Supertest, FQuiz), which later stole personal data and infected the computer with advertising viruses. Between 2017 and 2018, about 63 thousand users, mostly from Russia and Ukraine, became victims of the attackers. Facebook also contributed to theft, as it provided hackers with special access for application developers.

Defendants are out of reach nowEuropean and American authorities and are unlikely to be punished. And we remind that when downloading an unknown application, you should at least enable the antivirus, and even better - google its name, most likely, one of the users has already encountered the problem and told about it.

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