Facebook bans coronavirus drug ads

Facebook has applied another security measure to stop the spread of misinformation about

coronavirus. After the social network promised to detect and remove false information, the platform also banned ads that promise to cure or prevent the virus, and ads that “create misinformation”.

“Recently we have implemented an advertising ban policy,which refers to coronavirus and creates a feeling of panic - for example, reporting a limited offer, guaranteeing treatment or prevention, ”said representatives of the social network in a commentary by Business Insider.

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Engadget authors note that Facebook is oftencriticized because of the position regarding false information, and recently - due to the lack of control of political advertising. However, the approach to coronavirus content is similar to the position on disinformation against vaccination, which the social network has gradually tightened throughout 2019.

Media noted that on the platform you can still find some “controversial announcements” about the coronavirus. The social network explained this by the fact that the filter has so far been introduced in test mode.