Facebook began blocking ads for coronavirus drugs

Facebook continues to block the spread of coronavirus misinformation: platform started

block drug ads for the treatment and prevention of disease.

What is known

Facebook banned ads that promisescure or prevent coronavirus, can trigger panic. The company has introduced the same rules for its Marketplace platform, where Facebook users can buy and sell products. Facebook officials also said they want to stop product ads that create a “sense of urgency." For example, a message on limited supplies, a guarantee of treatment or prevention.

Facebook misinformation aboutcoronavirus is similar to the company's anti-vaccination policy. Last year, she announced that she would exclude vaccination groups and pages from her recommendations and close ads on the topic. In January, Buzzfeed News reported that vaccination advertisements were still appearing on the platform, which, according to Facebook, did not violate its policy.

Perhaps the situation will happen again and all ads cannot be blocked, but we hope that most of the misinformation will disappear.