Facebook decided to rename Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook has decided to rebrand its Instagram and WhatsApp services.

What will change

The changes will affect

only application names. Now it will be Instagram from Facebook and WhatsApp from Facebook. This has already happened with the Workplace and Oculus apps.

Employees of Instagram and WhatsApp have already been informed about the change of names, and this information was also confirmed by representatives of Facebook.

“We want to provide clarity about the products and services that are part of Facebook,” said company spokeswoman Bertie Thomson.

As a result, on the screens of users’ devicesThe names will remain the same, but new titles will appear in the App Store and Google Play: Instagram from Facebook and WhatsApp from Facebook. But, most likely, the phrase “from Facebook” will soon appear on the splash screens of both applications.

By the way, some users have already noticed new names in the descriptions of services.

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