Facebook has created a "white list" of users who can violate the rules

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has created a list of popular users who are not automatically

blocked for violating the rules of the site.

A special XCheck check is used for their posts.cross-validation. As the company said earlier, one should additionally control the publications of politicians, athletes and famous bloggers, as they may require additional attention.

The system does not hide the content, but first sends a notification to a separate team, which decides whether to block it.

After that, the system sends a notificationa separate team of Facebook employees, after which they decide whether to block the content or not. However, this takes longer, and messages that violate the rules remain available for a long time.

The WSJ found out that this type of verification was introduced in order to improve the reputation, as there were previously a number of incidents with illegal blocking of accounts of famous personalities.

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