Facebook has sent customers VR-controllers with the inscription "Big Brother is watching you"

The companies sent tens of thousands of touch controllers with ominous messages, such as "Big Brother

watching you, ”“ Masons were here, ”“ This place is surrendering, ”and“ Hi, iFixit! ”is a company that advocates for the right to repair home appliances and provides educational materials on this topic.

Oculus co-founder Neith Mitchell spoke aboutthis on Twitter. “Unfortunately, some of the easter eggs designed for prototypes accidentally hit tens of thousands of devices,” he wrote. “Although I appreciate the Easter eggs, they were inappropriate and had to be removed.”

Facebook told the VICE edition that it knows aboutthe problem. “They were supposed to be removed from production and not sent to consumers,” Johanna Mir, a Facebook spokeswoman, said in a letter. - Due to a technical error, they were not deleted. They were intended only as Easter eggs for prototypes within the company. ”

Facebook and Oculus talked about the details thatconcern a technical error. “We do not share personnel information, but we conducted a complete review of what happened and studied our processes around the world in order to understand what we can improve,” added Mir. “It is important to know that we have corrected our mistake and this will not happen again.”