Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will appear on the Huawei AppGallery

Huawei said it guarantees Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter mobile apps will be available soon in the AppGallery -

alternative to the Play Store. As you know, so far due to tensions with Google on smartphones Huawei there is no Play Store and regular applications from Google.

This moment stops many buyers. And now, the AppGallery platform mainly offers applications designed for Chinese consumers, most of which are unknown to users in other countries. But the market in other countries is also important for Huawei ...

Huawei AppGallery

Huawei, deprived of Android license since May2019, accelerated the development of its alternative to Google services, Huawei Mobile Services. This set of applications includes, for example, Huawei Browser, Huawei Cloud, Huawei Wallet and AppGallery, an application store designed to replace the famous Play Store. AppGallery, available in China for several years, still offers only a bit of content intended for shoppers outside of China.

Several ultra-popular Americanapplications are still missing: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition, Huawei is no longer entitled to install Facebook ecosystem apps by default (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook) on their smartphones. Trump's decree effectively bans the company from using US technology in its new smartphones.

In an interview on the sidelines the other day, Richard Yu,Huawei’s CEO of the mobile division has assured that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be available soon in the AppGallery. But the director did not specify when these well-known applications from the US will appear in the store.

Without these famous applications, Huawei mayproblems arise in convincing Western users to invest several hundred dollars in a smartphone devoid of Google services. Despite everything, Huawei is proud to have launched “one of the top three app stores in the world serving more than 600 million Huawei device users in more than 170 countries / regions with a rich selection of global and local applications.”

What do you think of the Huawei app store? Do you think this will be a good alternative for the Google Play Store?