Facebook introduced the largest redesign in its history. But not for everyone

In May, at the annual F8 conference, the Facebook team introduced a new design of the social network. And now finally it began

testing it.

What's new

Only a few users have a new web version design. First, their page displays a notification of changes and that the redesign is launched so far only in test mode.

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This redesign is the largest in 15 years.company’s existence, and changes are visible to the naked eye. The branded blue “heading” on top of the page is no longer there, and the Facebook logo is now not square, but round.

Navigation icons have moved from the upper right corner to the center, the font has become larger, and the new interface is increasingly striving for minimalism.

In addition, the news feed now remembers the place where the user stopped. That is, if you go to another page, and then return to the feed, it will appear in the same place.

The design of the settings page remains the same.

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When the new version completes testing and will be available to all users - is still unknown.