Facebook is testing an analogue of Instagram

Facebook decided to copy some Instagram elements by creating “Popular Photos” - this is an endless feed,

which shows new photos from friends and tracked communities.

What has changed?

"Popular Photos" offers the user morea relaxed feed check than a regular feed. No need to follow links, get confused in any other content. Now you can just watch interesting pictures. Now the interface of the Facebook application looks and feels much more cumbersome than it is with visually oriented applications like Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram. Instead of trivial swipes or scrolling, the user needs to dig into the jungle of his news, opening each post.

It doesn’t fit well with the modern rhythm of life,when or for a moment "stuck" in the smartphone or you relax tired on the couch. On the PC, the “Photos” tab was previously selected, but for some reason it was removed. The Facebook speaker confirmed that in October they tested Popular Photos when the guys from TechCrunch noticed him, but Facebook refused to tell the details.

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