Facebook Messenger wants to return to the main Facebook application

Facebook can return Messenger chats to your main application. While the function is being tested and not available to everyone.

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Messenger separated from Facebook back in 2011,and in 2014 it was completely removed from there. And now, after five years, the company decided to merge the applications again. Hong Kong-based blogger Jane Manchun Wong posted screenshots on her Twitter account. They show that to go to messages, you must click the messenger button. But instead of opening a separate application, you move to a new section “Chats”.

Wong notes that this section only containslimited set of messenger features. You can use it to exchange messages, but you still have to open an instant messenger to make calls and send photos.

The application will still exist, but for an audience separate from Facebook. The screenshots also show that the chats will be in white design. The same, which is now used in Messenger.

When exactly the update will be available to all is not yet known.